Introduction to Formative Loop Points

We have added a new points system to Formative Loop. This system is designed to help you motivate your students and reward progress through a fun gamification strategy! Students are awarded points for practicing their math skills and even more for making progress. Each day, students will see their total points earned on the top of their practice paper.

Points are awarded even when students don’t master a skill.

We want the students to feel encouragement even for trying as the practice is just as important as making progress.
The more engaged in practice our students are, the better the overall outcome will be.

The points are awarded like this:

  • Daily attempt (Retry) – 5 points
  • Passing a skill – 10 points
  • Passing a mixed assessment – 20 points

Students are already motivated by just gaining points and seeing their progress. We also recommend that you build real-world reward programs off of these points. Having a large array of options is beneficial to the students
Here is a typical reward leveling:

  • 100 points – large reward (trip to the treasure box, lunch with the teacher, Hershey kiss from the principal)
  • 50 points – medium reward (line leader, shoes off day, bring a toy from home)
  • 25 points – small reward (get a sticker, choose the story to be read, choose your seat)

The average points-per-student is at the bottom of your class overview page. This lets classes compete on the progress they are making in math across the school.

You can print out copies of our currency template if you want the students to practice with printed money they earn from their points. At the end of the week, hand out the printed currency based on the points they earned by showing you each graded exercise.

We think this is an powerful addition to the program which will continue to build positive momentum with our students. We’d love to hear the rewards you have built around Formative Loop points. Share your stories with!