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Formative Loop

We love this program. This is a great math tool that lets students go at their own pace. Their math scores have improved tremendously thanks to this program.

Ginger B District Staff

I have used Formative Loop daily for almost 2 years now. I absolutely love the program, it has helped our entire campus as a whole to improve on math skills of all levels for 4th and 5th grades. If I have ever had a question or concern, I emailed and got a response quickly. Thanks for all y'all do! Keep it up!!

Joanna J. Math Specialist

Formative Loop has proven to be a valuable tool for our students. It is filling gaps and correcting misconceptions in learning. It has allowed our students to struggle, then feel the pride of success. It has allowed teachers to pinpoint areas of need. Our recent test scores reflect the benefits Formative Loop has to offer. We love it!

Jennifer T. Teacher

Formative Loop has helped our students AND teachers to become more knowledgeable on the order/sequence of math skills needed for mastery of future skills. IF the teachers are fulfilling their part by doing immediate interventions and feedback to their class, it holds all accountable for mastery of necessary math skills!

Rebecca S. Specialist

My students have made so much growth in their math fluency since using Formative Loop. I appreciate that it is not solely for math facts, but there are other skills that are also tested. I like that I can set students where I feel they need to be and that you can move their levels if you feel they can do certain things. The flexibility is wonderful.

Melissa M. Teacher

Formative loop has really ensured my students success as mathematicians. If provides opportunities for differentiation, fluency, and basic computation skills. I know my students success is reflective of this program!

Amanda T. 1st Grade Teacher

I have really enjoyed seeing my students confidence soar through the use of Formative Loop! They are excited to complete our page each day and they feel so proud when they get more done than the day before!

Sally A. 3rd Grade Teacher

The daily practice has really improved their computation and pattern finding abilities. These skills used to be such a time consumer because the learners didn't have such a solid foundation. Formative loop has given me back much needed time.

Jamie R. Teacher

Formative Loop has been extremely positive with math skills development! There are some 3rd grade skills (such as expanded notation) that require teaching to mastery, which is difficult to fit into a math scope-and-sequence that requires us to keep moving. Formative Loop makes it possible to allow each student to work at their own pace on these foundational mathematical skills. It's the best!

Michael R.

This program really helps my students practice their numeracy skills and develop automaticity. This way, I can focus more of my class time on helping the students become problem solvers, and not just calculators. It is also great when planning and implementing interventions.

Cynthia S.

Formative Loop is on target with our curriculum. We love that it is easy to maintain daily and is almost effortless to run on a campus of over 500 kids. The homework piece is great practice before the next test and parents are willing to spend those 5 minutes with their kids. Highly recommend Formative Loop!

Kristi B.

This program is super for helping to find holes in learning for the average student, gives extra practice to students who need the RTI support, and is a fantastic way to challenge those students who truly think math.

Pam B.

Formative Loop has been a great tool to track math fluency in my classroom. What I love most about this program is the depth of math fluency it covers by going well beyond basic facts in addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. It has pushed and challenged my higher level students with mathematical concepts and understandings that are the foundation of any math curriculum.

Heather T.

I love having easy access to differentiated materials - assessments and homework! The grading process is super easy and it's nice to see exactly where each student is performing and which students need intervention.

Shelli R. Teacher

My students have been using this program for three years now and have had great success. I love how individualized it is and how I can access any part of the program at any time for any specific skill needed for the class or individual student.

Maia C.

This program has been awesome for differentiating instruction, monitoring students' progress, and meeting their individual needs on their basic math computation skills.

Rebekah S. Teacher

I love that Formative Loop is quick, efficient, targeted, and differentiated practice!

Alaina O. Teacher

Our STAAR scores did improve this year and I do attribute it to the Loop.The data it shares is also great to use when students need a further evaluation. It is great information for interventionists! I love how it is differentiated for every child and I wish my own children would have used it in school.

Nancy F.

We have seen tremendous growth and improvement in our campus math scores. It has allowed for us to identify gaps in our students' fact fluency.

Danae L.

Formative Loop has allowed our campus to implement a system for assessing facts and target interventions to each individual student. The ease of grading and printing assessments for five grade levels is appreciated!

Mandy T. Specialist

I use formative loop for my intervention classes. It's a great warm up and helps me to see where the students have problem areas. it's easy to use and very easy to learn!

Kati Jo S. Teacher

I think it is an excellent program. It keeps the kids engaged, they can be more responsible for their own learning, because they know their strengths and areas of improvement. It is a useful tool for teachers.

Diana D. Teacher

My students who did not have a strong foundation in basic facts are pushing themselves to master them. Students who are strong, continue to soar and strengthen more skills.

Stacey J. Teacher

This is great for review, a great way to keep standards spiraling. I hope we are able to use this resource next year! Thank you!

Penny N. Teacher

Formative Loop has increased our student computation skills.

Stella C. Specialist

This is a perfect answer to meeting student's needs with mastering basic skills. It allows practicing for those that need it as well as advancing those that are ready to move on.

Sonja F. Teacher

I love the differentiation!

Chelsea E. Teacher

My experience with Formative Loop has been great! I highly recommend it to every elementary school to use. It will boost their standardized scores.

Mele D.

Students are getting great practice with multiplication and division facts which helps them tremendously with word problems!

Samantha H.

Formative Loop has been great at my campus because it helps our students to gain math fluency!

Deyanira C.

I know exactly what skills my students are struggling with.

Maria T.

It is a very useful for the students, they can apply their knowledge and have an idea of the level where they are.

Mahylen M.

Great program that helps your students practice the skills on their level plus provided individualized homework!

Linda Q.

This is an easy program to monitor and to help your students that are struggling. My students enjoy seeing where they are at in the program and are competitive as well which pushes them to learn the skill and move on.

Lettie B.

The teachers really like formative loop because students are about to move at their own individual pace.

Debra O.

Great tool to measure growth, assess misconceptions and build stamina

Joy M.

This is the most amazing facts program! It is so easy and crazy fast. What a time saver!

Rebecca W. Teacher

I love that I can have students at different areas where they need the most practice. It's a quick 5 minute warm-up and they get a sheet to go home with and practice as well.

Amanda R. Principal

I teach in a special education classroom with our lowest level LD students and this has been awesome! It has allowed me to see exactly where they struggle with facts so I can provide targeted help. It's easy to set up and use as well as giving easy to understand information about performance.

Shawna A. Teacher

I needed an academic skill review assessment to help find the academic needs of my students. Thanks to Formative Loop my students math skills have improved and hopefully when the class takes their Assessment in MAP on Thursdays their grades will be greatly influenced by this trial phase. I have senn the growth in Mental math with my students thus far and I am excited to see the result on their MAP test.

Cindy F. Teacher

Formative Loop is great! I appreciate that there is little prep work, and I can see so much data! I also love the access to the extra resources. The ability to assign specific lessons and target skills is wonderful for differentiation and small groups!

Bethany G. Teacher

I loved how it reinforced the concepts that I was teaching in the classroom, and how it broke down the concepts in easier steps. I also loved the extra pages that were provided in the resource section. My students also loved it because they would compete on the levels that they were mastering on a daily basis. Thank you for letting us try it for free!!! This program is amazing!

Norma G. Teacher

The program supplies much needed fluency practice for needed skills.

Jodie W.

It helps the students with their fluency of basic facts and understanding of place value and all of the Common Core Math Standards! My students are loving the challenge and are eager to move on to the next skill.

Sherisse C. Teacher

I love formative loop for my class. The students are motivated to move on to the next skill. Great enrichment for my high students as well!

Tia C. Teacher

Love it! Plan on using it next year with my students. I love the ease, love the follow through with the homework matching the tests. I love having all the data at a touch and being able to see how they are doing. Intervention is excellent and very helpful.

Lori M. Teacher

I was doing daily addition drills and was ready to pull my hair out keeping up with it all. It came to a point where it was inconsistent because of the time spent on it. Formative Loop is amazing because it keeps kids going with different skills, and it a provides a much faster way for me to keep up with the grading and feedback. I love it!

Angela C. Teacher

Formative loop is a WONDERFUL program that seriously helps my students in closing gaps within their math skill set, as well as reviewing older skills. I love love love this program.

Jessie y. Teacher

I have seen remarkable improvement in math fluency. It's great that it's easy to collect and keep data. I love that it differentiates easily. I love that it takes just 5 minutes of class time and just 5 minutes at home. It's easy to stick to this program because it's so user friendly.

Ruah G. Teacher

Formative Loop has really helped my kids understand concepts and learn basic facts.

Melissa B. Teacher

Formative loop is quick way to assess the basics of number concepts for math. It has helped me to target problems with number facts without spending hours to differentiate. I feel confident about my kids having the skills they need to build their learning and investigate math concepts.

Missy D. Teacher

I love that formative loop automatically adjusts to student levels and needs individually and all I have to do is grade it. Several of my students are disappointed when we don't get to it on certain days, and they enjoy seeing their progress and knowing that they have mastered a level. I have enjoyed using it .

Callie V.

Formative Loop is a wonderful tool to help build math skills one step at a time.

Christine H. Teacher

I've been really pleased about the ease with which I've been able to move my students through a wide range of mathematical fluency. When they struggle, I know it's time to give more strategies for practice or even direct instruction.

Rachel K.

This program has greatly helped my fifth graders in their confidence with mathematics. They cheer each day as we start the class with the Formative Loop worksheets. I love how they are able to work at their own pace and master content at the rate that is appropriate for their minds. Such a wonderful resource at an extremely affordable price!

Danielle S. Teacher

This has been an excellent program to gauge student's foundational skills and give them daily practice to grow.

Leanne W.

This program makes filling in student gaps so much more efficient and effective saving valuable teacher time.

Gail P.

Formative Loops is great for building a foundation of number sense!

Kathy H. Teacher

Formative Loop is one of the easiest, most consistent methods of improving students' numeracy and, to some degree, numerical fluency. The work is tailored to each student and is aligned perfectly to grade-level standards. The pacing and benchmarks are achievable for most students, and weekly reports help departments and teachers guide their instruction. End-of-year resources are also helpful (and aligned) to help review material taught.

Michael R.

I really like this program! It is innovative and it differentiates for the teacher. I appreciate the ease of use and the fact that it rewards students with certificates once they get passed different milestones. The database of resources is also an amazing feature as it allows teachers to search for different skills that may need reinforcement or re-teaching without having to go through a seemingly endless list of websites to find the right resource.

Christopher H. Teacher

We started Formative Loop in the second semester of the year, but our experience has been wonderful. We are hoping to see more gains from students when we start at the beginning of the year. For it being a quick formative assessment, the students love it! They ask every day when are we doing our "Math Drills!" As a second year teacher, I love the format of Formative Loop. It gives me a quick overview of how the students are progressing on each standard and skill. My favorite part is after I click "Pass" or "Fail" the program develops the worksheet for the next day. I don't have to spend hours determining my next step for the ones advancing or searching for intervention worksheets for my struggling students. Formative Loop takes care of it all!!

Bethany L. Teacher

My students have greatly improved their number sense and they have automaticity with their facts.

Chris K. Teacher

Formative Loop has really been a math boost for my class. I am able to test my standards in a very clear and simple way. It take less time to manage than our old worksheets. Yet, it does so much more. I really love it and am looking forward to using next year!!

Winifred L. Teacher

Students love to do the quick sheets as morning work. I love seeing little things that I have missed in the whole group lessons and work

Jamie F. Teacher

Formative Loop is a quick and easy way for my students to work on basic math skills in a differentiated way. They are making strong progress and look forward to this particular 5 minute period of our day!


I like how it spirals and builds upon itself and is self paced. It is easy to grade.

Anna B.

I utilize this program in a resource setting and it has been tremendously helpful for student growth.

C. S.

We have used Formative Loop consistently this year and are very pleased with the results.

Lauro D.

Formative Loop has helped me individualize instruction for students that may or may not be where they need to be according to our standards.

Kimberly C Teacher

I have appreciated how fast and easy it is to get differentiated math sheets every day for my students.

Trish T. Teacher

The impact has been great providing the teachers are giving feedback and working on the skills that students are struggling with. I like really like the program.

Ann K.

Love that it has leveled math targeted for each individual student

Claudia H.

Love it, shows the student just where they are, plus the parents and principals

Kathy M. Teacher

I grade all of the "Math Blasters" as we call it, and it has been very helpful to know that the students can receive some type of anchor chart or notes on their current level. Also, I give the students a certain number of attempts before they go on to the next level and I believe it may be helpful for the students to see their progress as they see their number of attempts on their sheets. I also give the students prizes for their certificates as they achieve the next level and I find it helpful to see the students' achievements in order to give them their prizes. The more achievements they have on their formative loop report, the bigger the prize. : - )

Juan D.

The students are excited about doing the math page every morning.

Karin D. Teacher

It's a great way of practicing

Juan Luis C.

I was grading numeracy pages before Formative Loop was created and it took me hours to sort through pages, grade the work, and write names on each page for homework and a quiz. In a matter of minutes I can do all of that work at my computer. Students and teachers benefit from the timely return and feedback.

LaKeyshia B.

It really helps students improve their numerical fluency, but some different practice ideas for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division would help. Maybe incorporate some practice techniques.

Tammy M.

Its fun to watch how excited they get to see the progression they make

Stephanie S.

It is a great resource to use to ensure that the students are quick with their numerical fluency.

Liz D.

I love that it keeps up with where the kids are. Grading only takes about 5 minutes! Great way to differentiate without a lot of work.

Codi K. Teacher

The students love doing formative loop. It keeps track of whatever the kids are working on at the time. It is very easy to grade and works as a great review!

Kaitlin L.

So easy to implement.

Kristen O. Teacher

First time with FL. My first grade, bilingual students enjoy working on it.

Mercedes S.

Helpful to track and low that it tests more than just addition and subtraction in first grade!!!

Angelia S. Teacher

I find that it is excellent practice of basic skills that many of the students kind of forget about.

John F. Teacher

The students really enjoy taking this test in the morning. The kids have really improved!!

Erica S.

This is a great program for students learning math facts.

Scheralett S.

Easy to use and see students growth.

Maritza M. Teacher

I love that all students continue to be challenged!

Colette R.

This program is explicit and consistent.

Terry M.

This was an excellent way for our students to practice facts and certain skills. I would like to change the way we implemented the program and have the students work on facts fluency first.

Vonetta C. Specialist

Great system for teaching facts rotely. I love how it automatically printed out the next set of exercises for me.

Kelly W. Teacher

It has helped my students

Nancy M.

I am loving it and have recommend it. I can't wait to start using it next year at the beginning.

Michele C. Teacher

It paces the students and they get the same concept until they conquer the goal.

Dana F.

5 min - quick review of mental concepts !!!!

Kandi L. Specialist

It has really boosted the students learning.

Dennis J. Specialist

Shows me where students' gaps are and provides practice to improve understanding.

Ashley A. Teacher

This is a great tool to use practice and assess.

Allana M. Teacher

Students look forward to getting their next level. I appreciate the flexibility to skip levels as needed.

Philicia W.

My students love it and I like how it challenges them everyday.

Elva B.

The students love seeing if they pass the 5 minute test

Elizabeth M. Teacher

It's teacher and student friendly, quick and simple yet challenging enough for most students to self teach or catch on with a quick teach

Roberta T.

A lot of the students took for granted what they couldn't do with their math skills. This has helped take what should be automatic off of the table.

Beverly M.

Helps you understand where your student struggles.

Porche W. Teacher

I love the program because my students have improved their Math computation. It targets different strategies, and I also can use it for keeping data.

Maria B.

It is a great resource to assess math fluency! Easy to implement and check. The resource page was very helpful to use especially during small group instruction or as a supplement to skills we were addressing at the time.

Teresa F.

Love it! The children are really working hard to improve daily. They are so excited to see how they did!

Melinda H.

I love that I can keep track and customize the learning path

Shannon G. Specialist

It's a great program for the students.

Ellen M.

This program has changed my drastically changed my students! It is so easy to use! I love it

Whitney W. Teacher

I love how easy it is to differentiate for my students.

Brent M. Teacher

An excellent program for building fluency and foundations of numerical understanding. Students build confidence in their math work by finding success in basic number sense that allows them to continue with their operational studies more prepared.

Ethan V.

It has been a great way to individualize instruction and monitor student progress.

Laura S. Vice-Principal

My students love formative loop. They get competitive with themselves and push to make it to the next level.

Kandace R. Specialist

Easy to grade if you have a plan in place and helps the students fill in gaps of what they don't know along with letting the teachers know those gaps.

Kari D. Specialist

I appreciate being able to use Formative Loop with our students, especially since it allows you to place students where you need them and push students beyond the grade level expectations when needed.

Samara D.

My student love to be timed test each day, they know that they must master the skill to move on.

Linda R. Assistant Teacher

The students love this program. It is an exercise they look forward to daily. We track our progress from level to level visually so students know where they are.
It reinforces concepts that don't loop back around, like counting coins and number line. I love it and am addicted to administering it!

Vanessa J.

It helps monitor progress on specific skills in a systematic way. Helps the teacher keep track of where each student is.

Amy K.

Kids love that they are working at their own level. They can't wait until the next day for the test time.

T. R.

My kids are learning so much!!!!

Krysta P. Teacher

My kiddos love practicing their facts. Most are getting much better

Julie M. Teacher

Excellent Supplemental Program for students to work at the level they need mastery for! Very Basic and sequential with no added bells and whistles!

Becky P.

Its fast and reliable

Patrick B. Assistant Teacher

I has been a good way to start the day and I can spiral back to skills that need revisiting.

Kimberly S. Teacher

Simply Love How comprehensive and easy it is to implement!

Rhonda G. Teacher

I believe it is helping my students remember concepts better because of looping the concepts.

Andrew M. Teacher

My students love this program

Katrina P. Teacher

I like the program because it helps cover little gaps students don't understand. It is easy for students to get familiar with and they know it's a routine. It excites students when they pass the skill they are working on and look forward to the next one.

Erica D. Teacher

It is a great tool! I like the way it differentiates for each student without a lot of work. The students like seeing how far they have come in the reports. It pushes them to better themselves when they are not meeting their goals and passing a test.

Dawn A. Teacher

I love how it moves students through the facts and challenges them

Connie . Teacher

I can see the growth in every one of my students.

Ana Z.

Very user friendly and fills in skill gaps...especially useful for Title 1 schools.

Janna J.

Easy and quick way to track students progress

Laura W.

I love the 5 minute drills it provides for the level of each individual child.

Gina G. Teacher

My students look forward to Formative Loop each morning. I am impressed with the progression of skills.

Diana H. Teacher

This program is wonderful! What a great way to help students with their math facts. I have been teaching for 10 years and this is one of the best ways to engage children and I don't have to do so much paperwork! Thank you!

Amber D. Teacher

It is easy to keep track of and the students get to see where they went wrong because it is individualized to the student. It is also a great teaching tool at the students level. Great to see how the students are progressing.

Rosalinda D. Teacher

It is eye-opening to see which kids are held up on certain concepts, and which kids need the entire 5 minutes to complete the page.

Lori D. Teacher

Our campus absolutely "LOVES" the program! We have used the program now for a year and a half and have seen some tremendous number sense growth with our students. From last year to this we made some adjustments in the intervention piece that caused significant improvements in our students success. We are still trying to figure out the best system to get all the grading done each and everyday, but overall the program provides very "formative," no pun!

Bryan L.

Our elementary school has been using Formative Loop for a year and a half now. Basic math skills and fact fluency has improved overall by using the program.

Jana P.

Students are excited about passing to the next level.

Lisa S.

It was easy to use and I feel it impacted my students in a positive way.

Norma L.

Excellent motivator for my students to keep track of their math fluency!

Olivia B.

Easy on the teachers. Individual tracking. Flexible

Juan C.

I am an assistant teacher. I grade the quizzes after the students finished testing. In my opinion, this program provides a great Math foundation for the grades ahead. Our students in the 3rd grade, will be much better prepared for 4th grade. I hope to see great progression from the groups participating in the Formative Loop program.

Elis N. Assistant Teacher

It individualizes instruction even in the special education classrooms.

Susan N.

I LOVE how easy it is to differentiate and grade these formative assessments.

Alicia H. Teacher

This helps students progress through their facts quickly.


I believe my students are doing better on their daily math work because of their time working on Formative Loop. I gave a retake assessment on rounding to the nearest 100 to 5 of my students who had failed it previously. 3 of the students got 100% and 2 of the students received 83% (80% to 100% is their goal).

Loranna V. Teacher

The students challenge themselves to do better! 🙂

Patty C.

Gets better every year!

Kurt S.

I was skeptical at first but have come to enjoy seeing the kids progress. I like that everyone is on their own level.

Sonja J.

Student's are growing.

Daphne T. Vice-Principal

I'm loving Formative Loop! My students love it too!

Jenny S. Teacher

I like that it allows differentiation

Alfred C.

Students appear to perform better on assessments.

Pauline P.

This program was so easy to follow. Concepts were taught with different formats, so students were exposed to a variety of ways of looking at problems.

Christie A.

My students have done well.

Brenda S.

This has really improved our students math.

Nicole B.

It has been amazing with my students' ability to do basic addition and subtraction. Gives a great advantage to entering into the next grade level. It does not lend itself well to our students with special needs such as troubled writing, slow processors, etc, but over all, the basic math facts are much better!!!!

Quanta A.

I love the progression and the kids love the five minute tests and certificates!

Sherry T. Teacher

I think it is a great program to monitor student progress.


I love how easy it is to keep track of where students are and it is quick!


Really gives my students the extra fact practice that has been removed from most math programs

Lisa D. Teacher

I love the individual differentiation that comes with loop. Its great for the advanced kids to get excited about their progress, as well as gives me a chance to target the intervention needs of the struggling learners.

Heather M.

I think this is a great way for students to consistently practice and reinforce what they have learned in class. Students love seeing what they are going to get next. We all love the certificates at the end of each "unit", it makes students proud and motivates them to work hard to get the next one. It's a great addition to our math curriculum and center time!

Maria M.

This is our first year using Formative Loop. We have seen great improvement in our students math performance. We are excited to see they progress they make in year two of using the program. The grading part was our biggest challenge initially, but we have implemented a system that seems to be working.

Amanda M.

My students get really excited to compete in our daily "five minute frenzy" challenge! They compete against the rest of the class (to see who passes), as well as themselves. I like that it gives me a daily report which I can then use to work with smaller groups of students to reteach/reinforce skills. I also like that students themselves set their own pace.

Jennifer R. Teacher

I love how easy it is to see exactly where each student is and to meet them right at their level!

C.B. Teacher

We've seen an improvement on numerical fluency.

Latrese S.

Super easy to use!

Vicky K. Teacher

I like how easy it is to set up & use. I also like having the ability to change what skill set that my students are working on. The kids enjoy doing it everyday & it's great fluency practice!

Misty H. Teacher

It has been great to get student's to practice math facts daily.

Angela P.

My students have gained more confidence in their abilities for basic skills.

Denise H.

I love using this program because it breaks down math concepts into individual skills and allows me to see exactly what my students can do and what is confusing them. It allows me to set up small groups or individualize skills when needed. I can use the data I gather when creating homework or talking with parents. The kids love doing it, too. The only suggestion I have is that the homework provided here should be different from the assessments. They look exactly the same. The homework should explain the skill to the student. I don't use that part.

Debra M. Teacher

Students love formative loop! They are excited when they pass to a new level. They want to know what is next! Students are more confident in their math facts.

Terri C. Teacher

Great program. Love the homework component. Recommendations: A introductory assessment and the ability to preview or sample problem a lesson on the graph would make adjusting placements easier.

Tania C. Teacher

I like the different kinds of math presented to the student. Presented in ways you normally don't see.

Dorcas S.

I love how formative loop has helped to fill gaps with all of my students. It is easy to see where they are struggling and to know how to intervene to help them overcome.

Kami B. Teacher

Students enjoy working at their own pace. I like being able to assign them relevant topics.

Wendy L. Teacher

It helps my students to practice and reinforce objectives that are aligned with TEKS

Sonia D.

It is great that each student is put on his/her own level. I love how it tracks student progress and I can go back and look from the entire year at students individually as well as the class as a whole.

Alaine F.

My students love formative loop. They know they need to pass the assessment to receive the next warm-up, so they are more motivated to pay attention and actually try on their warm-up. Formative Loop has been a non-hassle start to our day!

Nikki S. Teacher

Nightly homework has been a great feedback tool. They are excited when they pass and work harder to get ahead. It also offers friendly competition among students.

Stephanie L.

My students' math number sense improved over 200%. This is our second year to use this program. The awards are great motivators, and students' confidence levels soared. I am hoping we can write a grant for this program. I am praying that we can figure out a way to keep Formative Loop. I have taught 34 years and this is one of the best math home/school connections I have seen!!

Diane S. Teacher

Love that it automatically differentiates for students and provides homework.

Kim R. Teacher

I think this is the best program for math fluency!!

Cruz M.

Formative loop allows students to practice their math skills every day and teachers can intervene right away filling gaps on time.

Rene I.

I love that I know exactly where my students are. I also like that my high flyers are able to get to topics that challenge them.

Carlene C. Teacher

Love the practice it gives!

M.B. Teacher

This has been a great way for my students to practice the math standards daily and move them through all of the standards even as review. Great to have a homework practice piece as well.

Stacey G. Teacher

The format is wonderful for my special education students because it provides them an example and breaks up the tasks so that they can build their confidence even more. It's nice to have it adapt for them and it makes less work for me

Hunter R. Teacher

I have enjoyed using Formative Loop to help guide my teaching. Students are using individualized lessons at their own pace and providing a solid framework for Math. I can send lessons home or I can meet with students in a small group. I am loving using Formative Loop with my students.

Kim J. Teacher

This program helps increase students automaticity with facts and numbers. The students look forward to taking their loop every day and are excited to see their progress through the different standards. I am so glad we have invested in this program for our school this year!

Jenelle M. Teacher

I love it. It is great tool to have to help the kids learn their facts and use for review.

Lucas H. Teacher

Formative Loop is the best way I've seen to consistently monitor the progress of students as they build their mathematics sense and skills.

Barry B.

Our campus has used formative loop for 2 years. Our students are becoming stronger and fluent with math facts.

Robin T.

The students look forward to the drills everyday, and can't wait to get feedback on whether or not they made it to the next skill. Some compete with other classes. We have also seen an increase in math scores.

Michelle C. Specialist

I wish I had found Formative Loop at the beginning of the school year! I have used the free trial, and I absolutely love it! My students look forward to them each morning, and I look forward to the data that I receive from them! It really helps me target individual students for interventions, and also gives me some excellent data to show growth or no growth. I am looking forward to starting it on day one of next school year!

Jennifer G. Teacher

My students are excited to show what they know & I am excited to know which gaps I need to close.

Patti R.

I like the way it meets each student where they are. They are highly motivated to practice so that they can advance to the next skill. This is the most quiet 5 minutes of my entire day!

Kathy B.

I have seen tremendous growth and I love that the practice sheets are generated for you and that students can move ahead. It takes very little time to record the scores and print out homework assignments and practice sheets. I also love that I can start anywhere and print any forms that I would like. Formative Loop is very easy to manage and use.

Rose W. Teacher

Formative Loop allows each student to progress at their ability level. Some students need to practice a skill more than once and others are able to show competency the first time. The program is easy to use and homework and daily timed sheets can be printed on a moment's notice.

Marc A. Specialist

At first, my students were hesitant. Now, they want to see how far they can get! They find it a competition, but only with themselves, not other students. They like the consistency of doing everyday. They know what to expect and really like it. As a teacher, I was really surprised to see what my students could do, and what my students struggled with.

Lauren V Teacher

Formative Loop has been a great way to build a solid foundation in all areas of math, not just the typical math facts. It also helps you identify where your students struggle and sets an individual pace for each student so everyone is working on the skill they need.

Katie B. Teacher

Formative loop has really helped reinforce skills already learned by students. They seem to enjoy doing it each day. It also gives me a quick, clear picture of what my students are struggling with and what they are mastering.

Amber P. Teacher

Formative Loop has been the main factor in the increase in my 1st graders math fluency. It helps me to pin-point exactly where my students strengths and weaknesses are. I assign the Formative Loop Homework every night and have been amazed at how eager my students are to do their homework. It helps them to prepare for their test the next day. My First graders are very competitive, as are most children. They really want to want to pass the test so they can hear their name on the announcements when they receive a certificate for passing a unit.

Julia G.

Formative Loop has given me a quick assessment of my students and their understanding of the standards/strategies they need to know and practice. It takes me a matter of minutes to correct and set up for the next day. The best students LOVE it!

Sarah M. Teacher

Formative Loop helps our students master basic skills and feel confident of themselves as they see improvement every day. In just 5 minutes, it gives us an opportunity for a quick check on progress and a quick reteach moment to help the kids move along. As an interventionist, it also helps me know how to support teachers and their students.

Kristine K. Specialist