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Formative Loop

I know exactly what skills my students are struggling with.

Maria T.

It is a very useful for the students, they can apply their knowledge and have an idea of the level where they are.

Mahylen M.

Great program that helps your students practice the skills on their level plus provided individualized homework!

Linda Q.

This is an easy program to monitor and to help your students that are struggling. My students enjoy seeing where they are at in the program and are competitive as well which pushes them to learn the skill and move on.

Lettie B.

The teachers really like formative loop because students are about to move at their own individual pace.

Debra O.

Great tool to measure growth, assess misconceptions and build stamina

Joy M.

This is the most amazing facts program! It is so easy and crazy fast. What a time saver!

Rebecca W. Teacher

I love that I can have students at different areas where they need the most practice. It's a quick 5 minute warm-up and they get a sheet to go home with and practice as well.

Amanda R. Principal

I teach in a special education classroom with our lowest level LD students and this has been awesome! It has allowed me to see exactly where they struggle with facts so I can provide targeted help. It's easy to set up and use as well as giving easy to understand information about performance.

Shawna A. Teacher

I needed an academic skill review assessment to help find the academic needs of my students. Thanks to Formative Loop my students math skills have improved and hopefully when the class takes their Assessment in MAP on Thursdays their grades will be greatly influenced by this trial phase. I have senn the growth in Mental math with my students thus far and I am excited to see the result on their MAP test.

Cindy F. Teacher

Formative Loop is great! I appreciate that there is little prep work, and I can see so much data! I also love the access to the extra resources. The ability to assign specific lessons and target skills is wonderful for differentiation and small groups!

Bethany G. Teacher

I loved how it reinforced the concepts that I was teaching in the classroom, and how it broke down the concepts in easier steps. I also loved the extra pages that were provided in the resource section. My students also loved it because they would compete on the levels that they were mastering on a daily basis. Thank you for letting us try it for free!!! This program is amazing!

Norma G. Teacher

The program supplies much needed fluency practice for needed skills.

Jodie W.

It helps the students with their fluency of basic facts and understanding of place value and all of the Common Core Math Standards! My students are loving the challenge and are eager to move on to the next skill.

Sherisse C. Teacher

I love formative loop for my class. The students are motivated to move on to the next skill. Great enrichment for my high students as well!

Tia C. Teacher

Love it! Plan on using it next year with my students. I love the ease, love the follow through with the homework matching the tests. I love having all the data at a touch and being able to see how they are doing. Intervention is excellent and very helpful.

Lori M. Teacher

I was doing daily addition drills and was ready to pull my hair out keeping up with it all. It came to a point where it was inconsistent because of the time spent on it. Formative Loop is amazing because it keeps kids going with different skills, and it a provides a much faster way for me to keep up with the grading and feedback. I love it!

Angela C. Teacher

Formative loop is a WONDERFUL program that seriously helps my students in closing gaps within their math skill set, as well as reviewing older skills. I love love love this program.

Jessie y. Teacher

I have seen remarkable improvement in math fluency. It's great that it's easy to collect and keep data. I love that it differentiates easily. I love that it takes just 5 minutes of class time and just 5 minutes at home. It's easy to stick to this program because it's so user friendly.

Ruah G. Teacher

Formative Loop has really helped my kids understand concepts and learn basic facts.

Melissa B. Teacher

Formative loop is quick way to assess the basics of number concepts for math. It has helped me to target problems with number facts without spending hours to differentiate. I feel confident about my kids having the skills they need to build their learning and investigate math concepts.

Missy D. Teacher

I love that formative loop automatically adjusts to student levels and needs individually and all I have to do is grade it. Several of my students are disappointed when we don't get to it on certain days, and they enjoy seeing their progress and knowing that they have mastered a level. I have enjoyed using it .

Callie V.

Formative Loop is a wonderful tool to help build math skills one step at a time.

Christine H. Teacher

I've been really pleased about the ease with which I've been able to move my students through a wide range of mathematical fluency. When they struggle, I know it's time to give more strategies for practice or even direct instruction.

Rachel K.

This program has greatly helped my fifth graders in their confidence with mathematics. They cheer each day as we start the class with the Formative Loop worksheets. I love how they are able to work at their own pace and master content at the rate that is appropriate for their minds. Such a wonderful resource at an extremely affordable price!

Danielle S. Teacher

This has been an excellent program to gauge student's foundational skills and give them daily practice to grow.

Leanne W.

This program makes filling in student gaps so much more efficient and effective saving valuable teacher time.

Gail P.

Formative Loops is great for building a foundation of number sense!

Kathy H. Teacher

Formative Loop is one of the easiest, most consistent methods of improving students' numeracy and, to some degree, numerical fluency. The work is tailored to each student and is aligned perfectly to grade-level standards. The pacing and benchmarks are achievable for most students, and weekly reports help departments and teachers guide their instruction. End-of-year resources are also helpful (and aligned) to help review material taught.

Michael R.

I really like this program! It is innovative and it differentiates for the teacher. I appreciate the ease of use and the fact that it rewards students with certificates once they get passed different milestones. The database of resources is also an amazing feature as it allows teachers to search for different skills that may need reinforcement or re-teaching without having to go through a seemingly endless list of websites to find the right resource.

Christopher H. Teacher