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Formative Loop

We love this program. This is a great math tool that lets students go at their own pace. Their math scores have improved tremendously thanks to this program.

Ginger B District Staff

I have used Formative Loop daily for almost 2 years now. I absolutely love the program, it has helped our entire campus as a whole to improve on math skills of all levels for 4th and 5th grades. If I have ever had a question or concern, I emailed and got a response quickly. Thanks for all y'all do! Keep it up!!

Joanna J. Math Specialist

Formative Loop has proven to be a valuable tool for our students. It is filling gaps and correcting misconceptions in learning. It has allowed our students to struggle, then feel the pride of success. It has allowed teachers to pinpoint areas of need. Our recent test scores reflect the benefits Formative Loop has to offer. We love it!

Jennifer T. Teacher

Formative Loop has helped our students AND teachers to become more knowledgeable on the order/sequence of math skills needed for mastery of future skills. IF the teachers are fulfilling their part by doing immediate interventions and feedback to their class, it holds all accountable for mastery of necessary math skills!

Rebecca S. Specialist

My students have made so much growth in their math fluency since using Formative Loop. I appreciate that it is not solely for math facts, but there are other skills that are also tested. I like that I can set students where I feel they need to be and that you can move their levels if you feel they can do certain things. The flexibility is wonderful.

Melissa M. Teacher

Formative loop has really ensured my students success as mathematicians. If provides opportunities for differentiation, fluency, and basic computation skills. I know my students success is reflective of this program!

Amanda T. 1st Grade Teacher

I have really enjoyed seeing my students confidence soar through the use of Formative Loop! They are excited to complete our page each day and they feel so proud when they get more done than the day before!

Sally A. 3rd Grade Teacher

The daily practice has really improved their computation and pattern finding abilities. These skills used to be such a time consumer because the learners didn't have such a solid foundation. Formative loop has given me back much needed time.

Jamie R. Teacher

Formative Loop has been extremely positive with math skills development! There are some 3rd grade skills (such as expanded notation) that require teaching to mastery, which is difficult to fit into a math scope-and-sequence that requires us to keep moving. Formative Loop makes it possible to allow each student to work at their own pace on these foundational mathematical skills. It's the best!

Michael R.

This program really helps my students practice their numeracy skills and develop automaticity. This way, I can focus more of my class time on helping the students become problem solvers, and not just calculators. It is also great when planning and implementing interventions.

Cynthia S.

Formative Loop is on target with our curriculum. We love that it is easy to maintain daily and is almost effortless to run on a campus of over 500 kids. The homework piece is great practice before the next test and parents are willing to spend those 5 minutes with their kids. Highly recommend Formative Loop!

Kristi B.

This program is super for helping to find holes in learning for the average student, gives extra practice to students who need the RTI support, and is a fantastic way to challenge those students who truly think math.

Pam B.

Formative Loop has been a great tool to track math fluency in my classroom. What I love most about this program is the depth of math fluency it covers by going well beyond basic facts in addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. It has pushed and challenged my higher level students with mathematical concepts and understandings that are the foundation of any math curriculum.

Heather T.

I love having easy access to differentiated materials - assessments and homework! The grading process is super easy and it's nice to see exactly where each student is performing and which students need intervention.

Shelli R. Teacher

My students have been using this program for three years now and have had great success. I love how individualized it is and how I can access any part of the program at any time for any specific skill needed for the class or individual student.

Maia C.

This program has been awesome for differentiating instruction, monitoring students' progress, and meeting their individual needs on their basic math computation skills.

Rebekah S. Teacher

I love that Formative Loop is quick, efficient, targeted, and differentiated practice!

Alaina O. Teacher

Our STAAR scores did improve this year and I do attribute it to the Loop.The data it shares is also great to use when students need a further evaluation. It is great information for interventionists! I love how it is differentiated for every child and I wish my own children would have used it in school.

Nancy F.

We have seen tremendous growth and improvement in our campus math scores. It has allowed for us to identify gaps in our students' fact fluency.

Danae L.

Formative Loop has allowed our campus to implement a system for assessing facts and target interventions to each individual student. The ease of grading and printing assessments for five grade levels is appreciated!

Mandy T. Specialist

I use formative loop for my intervention classes. It's a great warm up and helps me to see where the students have problem areas. it's easy to use and very easy to learn!

Kati Jo S. Teacher

I think it is an excellent program. It keeps the kids engaged, they can be more responsible for their own learning, because they know their strengths and areas of improvement. It is a useful tool for teachers.

Diana D. Teacher

My students who did not have a strong foundation in basic facts are pushing themselves to master them. Students who are strong, continue to soar and strengthen more skills.

Stacey J. Teacher

This is great for review, a great way to keep standards spiraling. I hope we are able to use this resource next year! Thank you!

Penny N. Teacher

Formative Loop has increased our student computation skills.

Stella C. Specialist

This is a perfect answer to meeting student's needs with mastering basic skills. It allows practicing for those that need it as well as advancing those that are ready to move on.

Sonja F. Teacher

I love the differentiation!

Chelsea E. Teacher

My experience with Formative Loop has been great! I highly recommend it to every elementary school to use. It will boost their standardized scores.

Mele D.

Students are getting great practice with multiplication and division facts which helps them tremendously with word problems!

Samantha H.

Formative Loop has been great at my campus because it helps our students to gain math fluency!

Deyanira C.

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