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Formative Loop

We started Formative Loop in the second semester of the year, but our experience has been wonderful. We are hoping to see more gains from students when we start at the beginning of the year. For it being a quick formative assessment, the students love it! They ask every day when are we doing our "Math Drills!" As a second year teacher, I love the format of Formative Loop. It gives me a quick overview of how the students are progressing on each standard and skill. My favorite part is after I click "Pass" or "Fail" the program develops the worksheet for the next day. I don't have to spend hours determining my next step for the ones advancing or searching for intervention worksheets for my struggling students. Formative Loop takes care of it all!!

Bethany L. Teacher

My students have greatly improved their number sense and they have automaticity with their facts.

Chris K. Teacher

Formative Loop has really been a math boost for my class. I am able to test my standards in a very clear and simple way. It take less time to manage than our old worksheets. Yet, it does so much more. I really love it and am looking forward to using next year!!

Winifred L. Teacher

Students love to do the quick sheets as morning work. I love seeing little things that I have missed in the whole group lessons and work

Jamie F. Teacher

Formative Loop is a quick and easy way for my students to work on basic math skills in a differentiated way. They are making strong progress and look forward to this particular 5 minute period of our day!


I like how it spirals and builds upon itself and is self paced. It is easy to grade.

Anna B.

I utilize this program in a resource setting and it has been tremendously helpful for student growth.

C. S.

We have used Formative Loop consistently this year and are very pleased with the results.

Lauro D.

Formative Loop has helped me individualize instruction for students that may or may not be where they need to be according to our standards.

Kimberly C Teacher

I have appreciated how fast and easy it is to get differentiated math sheets every day for my students.

Trish T. Teacher

The impact has been great providing the teachers are giving feedback and working on the skills that students are struggling with. I like really like the program.

Ann K.

Love that it has leveled math targeted for each individual student

Claudia H.

Love it, shows the student just where they are, plus the parents and principals

Kathy M. Teacher

I grade all of the "Math Blasters" as we call it, and it has been very helpful to know that the students can receive some type of anchor chart or notes on their current level. Also, I give the students a certain number of attempts before they go on to the next level and I believe it may be helpful for the students to see their progress as they see their number of attempts on their sheets. I also give the students prizes for their certificates as they achieve the next level and I find it helpful to see the students' achievements in order to give them their prizes. The more achievements they have on their formative loop report, the bigger the prize. : - )

Juan D.

The students are excited about doing the math page every morning.

Karin D. Teacher

It's a great way of practicing

Juan Luis C.

I was grading numeracy pages before Formative Loop was created and it took me hours to sort through pages, grade the work, and write names on each page for homework and a quiz. In a matter of minutes I can do all of that work at my computer. Students and teachers benefit from the timely return and feedback.

LaKeyshia B.

It really helps students improve their numerical fluency, but some different practice ideas for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division would help. Maybe incorporate some practice techniques.

Tammy M.

Its fun to watch how excited they get to see the progression they make

Stephanie S.

It is a great resource to use to ensure that the students are quick with their numerical fluency.

Liz D.

I love that it keeps up with where the kids are. Grading only takes about 5 minutes! Great way to differentiate without a lot of work.

Codi K. Teacher

The students love doing formative loop. It keeps track of whatever the kids are working on at the time. It is very easy to grade and works as a great review!

Kaitlin L.

So easy to implement.

Kristen O. Teacher

First time with FL. My first grade, bilingual students enjoy working on it.

Mercedes S.

Helpful to track and low that it tests more than just addition and subtraction in first grade!!!

Angelia S. Teacher

I find that it is excellent practice of basic skills that many of the students kind of forget about.

John F. Teacher

The students really enjoy taking this test in the morning. The kids have really improved!!

Erica S.

This is a great program for students learning math facts.

Scheralett S.

Easy to use and see students growth.

Maritza M. Teacher

I love that all students continue to be challenged!

Colette R.