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Formative Loop

This program is explicit and consistent.

Terry M.

This was an excellent way for our students to practice facts and certain skills. I would like to change the way we implemented the program and have the students work on facts fluency first.

Vonetta C. Specialist

Great system for teaching facts rotely. I love how it automatically printed out the next set of exercises for me.

Kelly W. Teacher

It has helped my students

Nancy M.

I am loving it and have recommend it. I can't wait to start using it next year at the beginning.

Michele C. Teacher

It paces the students and they get the same concept until they conquer the goal.

Dana F.

5 min - quick review of mental concepts !!!!

Kandi L. Specialist

It has really boosted the students learning.

Dennis J. Specialist

Shows me where students' gaps are and provides practice to improve understanding.

Ashley A. Teacher

This is a great tool to use practice and assess.

Allana M. Teacher

Students look forward to getting their next level. I appreciate the flexibility to skip levels as needed.

Philicia W.

My students love it and I like how it challenges them everyday.

Elva B.

The students love seeing if they pass the 5 minute test

Elizabeth M. Teacher

It's teacher and student friendly, quick and simple yet challenging enough for most students to self teach or catch on with a quick teach

Roberta T.

A lot of the students took for granted what they couldn't do with their math skills. This has helped take what should be automatic off of the table.

Beverly M.

Helps you understand where your student struggles.

Porche W. Teacher

I love the program because my students have improved their Math computation. It targets different strategies, and I also can use it for keeping data.

Maria B.

It is a great resource to assess math fluency! Easy to implement and check. The resource page was very helpful to use especially during small group instruction or as a supplement to skills we were addressing at the time.

Teresa F.

Love it! The children are really working hard to improve daily. They are so excited to see how they did!

Melinda H.

I love that I can keep track and customize the learning path

Shannon G. Specialist

It's a great program for the students.

Ellen M.

This program has changed my drastically changed my students! It is so easy to use! I love it

Whitney W. Teacher

I love how easy it is to differentiate for my students.

Brent M. Teacher

An excellent program for building fluency and foundations of numerical understanding. Students build confidence in their math work by finding success in basic number sense that allows them to continue with their operational studies more prepared.

Ethan V.

It has been a great way to individualize instruction and monitor student progress.

Laura S. Vice-Principal

My students love formative loop. They get competitive with themselves and push to make it to the next level.

Kandace R. Specialist

Easy to grade if you have a plan in place and helps the students fill in gaps of what they don't know along with letting the teachers know those gaps.

Kari D. Specialist

I appreciate being able to use Formative Loop with our students, especially since it allows you to place students where you need them and push students beyond the grade level expectations when needed.

Samara D.

My student love to be timed test each day, they know that they must master the skill to move on.

Linda R. Assistant Teacher

The students love this program. It is an exercise they look forward to daily. We track our progress from level to level visually so students know where they are.
It reinforces concepts that don't loop back around, like counting coins and number line. I love it and am addicted to administering it!

Vanessa J.