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Formative Loop

This helps students progress through their facts quickly.


I believe my students are doing better on their daily math work because of their time working on Formative Loop. I gave a retake assessment on rounding to the nearest 100 to 5 of my students who had failed it previously. 3 of the students got 100% and 2 of the students received 83% (80% to 100% is their goal).

Loranna V. Teacher

The students challenge themselves to do better! 🙂

Patty C.

Gets better every year!

Kurt S.

I was skeptical at first but have come to enjoy seeing the kids progress. I like that everyone is on their own level.

Sonja J.

Student's are growing.

Daphne T. Vice-Principal

I'm loving Formative Loop! My students love it too!

Jenny S. Teacher

I like that it allows differentiation

Alfred C.

Students appear to perform better on assessments.

Pauline P.

This program was so easy to follow. Concepts were taught with different formats, so students were exposed to a variety of ways of looking at problems.

Christie A.

My students have done well.

Brenda S.

This has really improved our students math.

Nicole B.

It has been amazing with my students' ability to do basic addition and subtraction. Gives a great advantage to entering into the next grade level. It does not lend itself well to our students with special needs such as troubled writing, slow processors, etc, but over all, the basic math facts are much better!!!!

Quanta A.

I love the progression and the kids love the five minute tests and certificates!

Sherry T. Teacher

I think it is a great program to monitor student progress.


I love how easy it is to keep track of where students are and it is quick!


Really gives my students the extra fact practice that has been removed from most math programs

Lisa D. Teacher

I love the individual differentiation that comes with loop. Its great for the advanced kids to get excited about their progress, as well as gives me a chance to target the intervention needs of the struggling learners.

Heather M.

I think this is a great way for students to consistently practice and reinforce what they have learned in class. Students love seeing what they are going to get next. We all love the certificates at the end of each "unit", it makes students proud and motivates them to work hard to get the next one. It's a great addition to our math curriculum and center time!

Maria M.

This is our first year using Formative Loop. We have seen great improvement in our students math performance. We are excited to see they progress they make in year two of using the program. The grading part was our biggest challenge initially, but we have implemented a system that seems to be working.

Amanda M.

My students get really excited to compete in our daily "five minute frenzy" challenge! They compete against the rest of the class (to see who passes), as well as themselves. I like that it gives me a daily report which I can then use to work with smaller groups of students to reteach/reinforce skills. I also like that students themselves set their own pace.

Jennifer R. Teacher

I love how easy it is to see exactly where each student is and to meet them right at their level!

C.B. Teacher

We've seen an improvement on numerical fluency.

Latrese S.

Super easy to use!

Vicky K. Teacher

I like how easy it is to set up & use. I also like having the ability to change what skill set that my students are working on. The kids enjoy doing it everyday & it's great fluency practice!

Misty H. Teacher

It has been great to get student's to practice math facts daily.

Angela P.

My students have gained more confidence in their abilities for basic skills.

Denise H.

I love using this program because it breaks down math concepts into individual skills and allows me to see exactly what my students can do and what is confusing them. It allows me to set up small groups or individualize skills when needed. I can use the data I gather when creating homework or talking with parents. The kids love doing it, too. The only suggestion I have is that the homework provided here should be different from the assessments. They look exactly the same. The homework should explain the skill to the student. I don't use that part.

Debra M. Teacher

Students love formative loop! They are excited when they pass to a new level. They want to know what is next! Students are more confident in their math facts.

Terri C. Teacher

Great program. Love the homework component. Recommendations: A introductory assessment and the ability to preview or sample problem a lesson on the graph would make adjusting placements easier.

Tania C. Teacher