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Formative Loop

I like the different kinds of math presented to the student. Presented in ways you normally don't see.

Dorcas S.

I love how formative loop has helped to fill gaps with all of my students. It is easy to see where they are struggling and to know how to intervene to help them overcome.

Kami B. Teacher

Students enjoy working at their own pace. I like being able to assign them relevant topics.

Wendy L. Teacher

It helps my students to practice and reinforce objectives that are aligned with TEKS

Sonia D.

It is great that each student is put on his/her own level. I love how it tracks student progress and I can go back and look from the entire year at students individually as well as the class as a whole.

Alaine F.

My students love formative loop. They know they need to pass the assessment to receive the next warm-up, so they are more motivated to pay attention and actually try on their warm-up. Formative Loop has been a non-hassle start to our day!

Nikki S. Teacher

Nightly homework has been a great feedback tool. They are excited when they pass and work harder to get ahead. It also offers friendly competition among students.

Stephanie L.

My students' math number sense improved over 200%. This is our second year to use this program. The awards are great motivators, and students' confidence levels soared. I am hoping we can write a grant for this program. I am praying that we can figure out a way to keep Formative Loop. I have taught 34 years and this is one of the best math home/school connections I have seen!!

Diane S. Teacher

Love that it automatically differentiates for students and provides homework.

Kim R. Teacher

I think this is the best program for math fluency!!

Cruz M.

Formative loop allows students to practice their math skills every day and teachers can intervene right away filling gaps on time.

Rene I.

I love that I know exactly where my students are. I also like that my high flyers are able to get to topics that challenge them.

Carlene C. Teacher

Love the practice it gives!

M.B. Teacher

This has been a great way for my students to practice the math standards daily and move them through all of the standards even as review. Great to have a homework practice piece as well.

Stacey G. Teacher

The format is wonderful for my special education students because it provides them an example and breaks up the tasks so that they can build their confidence even more. It's nice to have it adapt for them and it makes less work for me

Hunter R. Teacher

I have enjoyed using Formative Loop to help guide my teaching. Students are using individualized lessons at their own pace and providing a solid framework for Math. I can send lessons home or I can meet with students in a small group. I am loving using Formative Loop with my students.

Kim J. Teacher

This program helps increase students automaticity with facts and numbers. The students look forward to taking their loop every day and are excited to see their progress through the different standards. I am so glad we have invested in this program for our school this year!

Jenelle M. Teacher

I love it. It is great tool to have to help the kids learn their facts and use for review.

Lucas H. Teacher

Formative Loop is the best way I've seen to consistently monitor the progress of students as they build their mathematics sense and skills.

Barry B.

Our campus has used formative loop for 2 years. Our students are becoming stronger and fluent with math facts.

Robin T.

The students look forward to the drills everyday, and can't wait to get feedback on whether or not they made it to the next skill. Some compete with other classes. We have also seen an increase in math scores.

Michelle C. Specialist

I wish I had found Formative Loop at the beginning of the school year! I have used the free trial, and I absolutely love it! My students look forward to them each morning, and I look forward to the data that I receive from them! It really helps me target individual students for interventions, and also gives me some excellent data to show growth or no growth. I am looking forward to starting it on day one of next school year!

Jennifer G. Teacher

My students are excited to show what they know & I am excited to know which gaps I need to close.

Patti R.

I like the way it meets each student where they are. They are highly motivated to practice so that they can advance to the next skill. This is the most quiet 5 minutes of my entire day!

Kathy B.

I have seen tremendous growth and I love that the practice sheets are generated for you and that students can move ahead. It takes very little time to record the scores and print out homework assignments and practice sheets. I also love that I can start anywhere and print any forms that I would like. Formative Loop is very easy to manage and use.

Rose W. Teacher

Formative Loop allows each student to progress at their ability level. Some students need to practice a skill more than once and others are able to show competency the first time. The program is easy to use and homework and daily timed sheets can be printed on a moment's notice.

Marc A. Specialist

At first, my students were hesitant. Now, they want to see how far they can get! They find it a competition, but only with themselves, not other students. They like the consistency of doing everyday. They know what to expect and really like it. As a teacher, I was really surprised to see what my students could do, and what my students struggled with.

Lauren V Teacher

Formative Loop has been a great way to build a solid foundation in all areas of math, not just the typical math facts. It also helps you identify where your students struggle and sets an individual pace for each student so everyone is working on the skill they need.

Katie B. Teacher

Formative loop has really helped reinforce skills already learned by students. They seem to enjoy doing it each day. It also gives me a quick, clear picture of what my students are struggling with and what they are mastering.

Amber P. Teacher

Formative Loop has been the main factor in the increase in my 1st graders math fluency. It helps me to pin-point exactly where my students strengths and weaknesses are. I assign the Formative Loop Homework every night and have been amazed at how eager my students are to do their homework. It helps them to prepare for their test the next day. My First graders are very competitive, as are most children. They really want to want to pass the test so they can hear their name on the announcements when they receive a certificate for passing a unit.

Julia G.