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Formative Loop

It helps monitor progress on specific skills in a systematic way. Helps the teacher keep track of where each student is.

Amy K.

Kids love that they are working at their own level. They can't wait until the next day for the test time.

T. R.

My kids are learning so much!!!!

Krysta P. Teacher

My kiddos love practicing their facts. Most are getting much better

Julie M. Teacher

Excellent Supplemental Program for students to work at the level they need mastery for! Very Basic and sequential with no added bells and whistles!

Becky P.

Its fast and reliable

Patrick B. Assistant Teacher

I has been a good way to start the day and I can spiral back to skills that need revisiting.

Kimberly S. Teacher

Simply Love How comprehensive and easy it is to implement!

Rhonda G. Teacher

I believe it is helping my students remember concepts better because of looping the concepts.

Andrew M. Teacher

My students love this program

Katrina P. Teacher

I like the program because it helps cover little gaps students don't understand. It is easy for students to get familiar with and they know it's a routine. It excites students when they pass the skill they are working on and look forward to the next one.

Erica D. Teacher

It is a great tool! I like the way it differentiates for each student without a lot of work. The students like seeing how far they have come in the reports. It pushes them to better themselves when they are not meeting their goals and passing a test.

Dawn A. Teacher

I love how it moves students through the facts and challenges them

Connie . Teacher

I can see the growth in every one of my students.

Ana Z.

Very user friendly and fills in skill gaps...especially useful for Title 1 schools.

Janna J.

Easy and quick way to track students progress

Laura W.

I love the 5 minute drills it provides for the level of each individual child.

Gina G. Teacher

My students look forward to Formative Loop each morning. I am impressed with the progression of skills.

Diana H. Teacher

This program is wonderful! What a great way to help students with their math facts. I have been teaching for 10 years and this is one of the best ways to engage children and I don't have to do so much paperwork! Thank you!

Amber D. Teacher

It is easy to keep track of and the students get to see where they went wrong because it is individualized to the student. It is also a great teaching tool at the students level. Great to see how the students are progressing.

Rosalinda D. Teacher

It is eye-opening to see which kids are held up on certain concepts, and which kids need the entire 5 minutes to complete the page.

Lori D. Teacher

Our campus absolutely "LOVES" the program! We have used the program now for a year and a half and have seen some tremendous number sense growth with our students. From last year to this we made some adjustments in the intervention piece that caused significant improvements in our students success. We are still trying to figure out the best system to get all the grading done each and everyday, but overall the program provides very "formative," no pun!

Bryan L.

Our elementary school has been using Formative Loop for a year and a half now. Basic math skills and fact fluency has improved overall by using the program.

Jana P.

Students are excited about passing to the next level.

Lisa S.

It was easy to use and I feel it impacted my students in a positive way.

Norma L.

Excellent motivator for my students to keep track of their math fluency!

Olivia B.

Easy on the teachers. Individual tracking. Flexible

Juan C.

I am an assistant teacher. I grade the quizzes after the students finished testing. In my opinion, this program provides a great Math foundation for the grades ahead. Our students in the 3rd grade, will be much better prepared for 4th grade. I hope to see great progression from the groups participating in the Formative Loop program.

Elis N. Assistant Teacher

It individualizes instruction even in the special education classrooms.

Susan N.

I LOVE how easy it is to differentiate and grade these formative assessments.

Alicia H. Teacher