Formative Loop on campus: Carpenter Hill Elementary

The mission of Carpenter Hill Elementary School, a dynamic community of students, families, neighbors, and staff, is to empower students with the tools to succeed through nurturing relationships and innovative educational experiences.  What a great mission!  With a student population of nearly 650, this school has deep roots in its community of Hays, Texas.

Carpenter Hill has been using Formative Loop in 1st – 5th grades.  Their principal, Debbie Brown has seen sustained growth in her students.  Debbie writes, “Each of our tested grade levels (3rd through 5th) grew in Mastery from last year to this year.”

We loved reading her blog post about the students' progress through daily math practice.  You can read it in her own words here. 

Their whole campus has been engaged in the daily math practice and focusing on fixing gaps in their student knowledge.  Principal Brown shared some impressive stats with us:

  • 82% percent of 1st graders know their addition facts
  • 95% of 2nd graders know their addition facts and are working on subtraction
  • 3rd grade increased the number of students who "Mastered" (the highest status on the state STARR test) by 42%
  • 54% of their 4th and 5th grade students know ALL of their facts (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division).
  • Their 5th grade Texas STARR scores went up 7.2% from when those students were in 4th grade

Principal Brown had this to say about the program,

“Formative loop has allowed a systematic approach in providing individualized plans for student acquisition of developmentally appropriate math skills. CHES students have demonstrated growth in basic math facts and automaticity. We have also seen a significant increase in the transfer of knowledge as young as first grade when applying new math skills to unfamiliar situations.”

We visited their campus and there is clearly a lot of passion in the staff at Carpenter Hill.  It shows in the progress their student population is making.  Here at Formative Loop, we’re proud to play a part.  Great job Carpenter Hill Colts!