Formative Loop Tips and Tricks

The following are the most important practices to follow for success with Formative Loop.
Commitment to practice – Make a school wide commitment to how often you plan to run the program. We recommend 4-5 days a week. The best results come from running the program daily. Weekly reporting will help you track progress. It is important that the teachers and administration all support each other in this commitment.
Intervention Plan – When students don’t pass a skill after 3 attempts, we will highlight that student as being stuck. It is important that you have an intervention plan so that these students are getting extra help to move forward.
Grading for accuracy – Some teachers will spend time checking the accuracy of every single problem. This causes them to spend too much time on what is intended to be a daily practice. We encourage spot-checking vs. checking every single problem. It has the same benefits with a lot less time.
Incentive program – Formative Loop will automatically print out award certificates for each student when they pass a major unit and track points as they practice and make progress. Students are much more engaged as they see recognition for progress. Building an incentive program is an easy way to get students begging to practice their math skills! Read more about Formative Loop Points.

Be sure to view our getting started videos to learn more about the program.